This is a respectful note as an addendum to your piece. While turmeric and curcumin are indeed helpful to many, they are blood thinners. That's great, unless you're a hemophiliac, as I am, or taking blood thinning medications, as are many others. As with any kind of recommendation to use a spice or food, you and I as authors might wish to look into the other critical aspects of how food, which is medicine, can affect the body. Far too many folks only look at the upside- which kindly, are many, including garlic and onions which are also blood thinners- but don't take the time to investigate the downside. Therefore, if I may suggest, it's both responsible and respectful to include a note or a paragraph which addresses the reality that not all foods and spices work for all of us, and in some cases may well be deleterious or even deadly. That kind of additional research marks you as a thorough writer, and sets you apart. I am well aware of the fact that turmeric is deeply ingrained in your cultural foods; that said, it's not for everyone. Here is one source that speaks to the best aspects of turmeric:

and it's critical to also read the side effects which can cause everything from infertility to interfering with clotting, as is my case.

I completely support your writing about this spice, but would ask that you also take into account that it's a very potent chemical, and there are very real downsides and side effects for people. All you need to do to make your article complete is to include a short paragraph to address the reader to look into the potential side effects (include the links) and to know their own bodies before introducing this spice. Far too many of us think that if a little is good, a LOT is better, which is how we get into trouble.

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