ME TOO Kerry. The so -called utterly useless FCC program to make your phone number unavailable is largely useless. Health care providers have permission- they don’t have to honor the no-call requirement. I get these calls all the time as well. Same robo-calls. Being military I could care less. I DO care about the invasion of my quiet space.

To your point about being elderly. Hell no, Kerry. What constitutes elderly is a state of mind, an attitude, and a way of being in the world. I have known plenty of “elderly” twent year olds. Already world-weary, they’ve seen it all and are ready to throw in the towel by the ripe old age of 23.

Uh huh.


That’s one reason I love writing about healthy aging. Youthful has everything to do with how we see and interact with life. To me, the secret sauce is humor. My best and most effective response to a sh*t storm is a guffaw. The Devil (if one happens to believe in one) hates being laughed at. The effect is a big, overinflated balloon that has suddenly been pin-pricked. Nothing takes the wind out of the sails of disaster than a big, hearty laugh. That’s indomitable. And a heckofa lot more fun.

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