Maggie, there is a terrific scene from the original Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where the brilliant protagonist straps her rapist to the bed and proceeds to take care of business with a big dildo.

I would imagine a great many men writhed in their seats,while those of us who have been raped not only felt the familiarity of Lisbeth’s feelings, but the immense satisfaction of having a rapist find out first hand precisely what it feels like.

Offending me on an intellectual level?

Ah. I wonder how intellectual someone feels in prison when he is being gang raped.

I wonder if he takes his bleeding self back to his cell and ponders Shakespeare. Or Camus. Until the next time he tries to take a shower.

I wonder how intellectual those ten thousand male soldiers a year feel when they are violated by a senior officer or NCO. I’m sure they don’t retreat to their bunks to ponder Dostoevsky.

There is no response that is adequate. None whatsoever. Nothing you can say to such sewage, nor anything that you or I could write which might invite what little humanity such orcs have in their ugly souls to the surface. There really is nothing. They are nothing. And apparently they are well aware of it, or else they wouldn’t behave in such a way.

Human beings by definition do not say and do such things.

The only sane response to such insanity is block, report and ask that they are removed. A popular author talks about leaving the comments up. He’s a white male. I seriously, seriously doubt he gets anything even remotely like what we women who bare our stories to the world receive. Of course he doesn’t.

Report. Block. Remove from your thread.

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