Let me just add this, as a woman who, in her late twenties, was among the few female lobbyists working the Hill at the time before Clinton. The rapists, sexual assaulters and molesters (bending over the pages, if you will) that populate the highest levels of government. Can we talk? And all those fine folk who later rushed to defend pedophile Dennis Hastert. Gee I wonder why, boys? If one goes down, then more. How much easier to undermine MeToo before it really DOES become MeToo but in a different way? You too, abused, you POS.

I got propositioned by and approached by Presidential candidates and senior level officials and more fucking top level Congress and Senatorial folks than I could count. All married, all proclaiming their morals and faith.

Liars, cheats, abusers, molesters, oh I could go on. So could we all. It’s just endless.

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