Lauren, I traveled to Rwanda in 2015 as part of a month long safari that took me through three countries. One thing that struck me about Rwanda, as compared, say, with many experiences I’ve had in Tanzania, is that there is virtually no begging. People want to work. The first day I was there I took a long walk from my hotel. (Thank you jet lag) and got myself ridiculously lost. I don’t take a phone when I travel so I had to improvise. I went to a gas station (where else) where I was surrounded by a great many men and women who took it upon themselves to sort out what to do. Finally, one man decided that he was going to get me back safely, and so he disappeared only show up moments later grandly dressed for the occasion. It took multiple bus rides, a great deal of additional walking (I’d already put in twelve miles) but he got me there, and earned a pretty penny for his efforts. That was my first impression of Rwanda, and it has lasted. Anyone going to this remarkable country would do well to read a history of its outgoing leader, the president who oversaw reconciliation, and go to the genocide museum. It provides a history of the Rwandan atrocities, but also others from around the world. What happened afterwards is nothing short of a national miracle, especially given the man’s personal history. Great article.

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