Kindly, Matthew, bit of an overreach. I have long identified as a Democrat but this statement is sweeping, and like far too many statements in politics, completely disregards the extraordinary subtleties. I vote left on some things, libertarian on some, right on some, and liberal on others. Yet, most would call me a Democrat. Some fuckwit recently accused me with great hostility of being a progressive. I don't have the slightest idea how one might vote, except that what I know if it is farther left than I prefer to lean. When you make repeated sweeping statements like The Democrats this that or the other, you shoot yourself in the proverbial foot by demonstrating a distressing lack of sophistication around the whole political business. I've lobbied at the highest levels, and at states, worked on two Presidentical campaigns and for one President, lobbied on both sides of the aisle. I've worked Washington and the State houses in several states up close and personal. It would be fair to say I'm a touch more familiar with politics than the average, and pretty well informed, except about progressives, because I frankly don't care that much. I care about thinking before I vote, and before I write an article that insults a great many people by lumping "all Democrats" into the same boat. Sir. This reeks of ignorance, and you clearly are not ignorant. But you demonstrate a frightening lack of understanding how varied the fabric is of the body politic. Like many, I find the crazis on the far left just as nuts as the crazies on the far right. And because I am curious and interested in varied viewpoints, I am by definition, while still leaning slightly left of Center, nowhere near what you describe as The Democrats. I'm probably more Independent than anything else but I voted straight DEM if for nothing else than to clean house of the what Trump has done to a party I used to have significant respect for. To your point, with which I heartily agree, we do need to work together. But you do not argue your own case when you demonstrate such a lack of understanding, knowledge and grasp of who votes. I see this habit on the far Right, to which you don't seem to ascribe, but you seem to take up the habits of the loudest of the right crazies to lump all Libtards in one bucket. We're smarter than that. So are you. Kindly reconsider how you choose to paint people, Matthew. If you want readers to respect you, you might respect them first. You are using the very "one size fits all" in your arguments about Democrats that you decry in your final paragraph.

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