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Kindly Don’t Insult my Intelligence: The Keys to Gaining Customers

Julia E Hubbel


This is the Linked In message that I received early this morning:

Paul Li 1:31 AM

Hello Julia, It’s nice to get in touch with you. This is Paul, Sales Manager of Baoding Rising Sun Machinery Parts Co., Ltd. Our company has been engaged in casting and OEM spare parts since the year 1988, such as lost foam casting, pre-coated sand casting, water glass precision casting, investment casting, die casting parts and machining parts. I browsed your company web and noticed you may search for supplier of casting spare parts, can you provide us technical drawing or sample? so that we can make full evaluation and offer the best price for you. Email: Wechat/Whatsapp/Cel:861372221532, Skype: paulli0129 Thank you. And by the way, you will be welcomed to visit our foundry anytime

Um, okay, Paul.

Here’s the problem: had Paul Li actually gone to any of my websites he’d have discovered a few key pieces of very obvious information:

  1. I’m a one-woman training, consulting and leadership skills firm.
  2. My other work is as an international adventure traveler and blogger.
  3. In no way, shape or form does anything on my websites indicate that I would have a need for “search for supplier of casting spare parts.”
  4. I would have no interest whatsoever in visiting a foundry.
  5. I am most obviously not a potential client.
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It’s Competitive Out There

Look, I get it. It’s a highly competitive world out there. You have to hustle to gain clients. However, this is precisely the kind of thoughtless outreach that not only insults the recipient but ensures that Mr. Li will not get any kind of referral, because he is clearly too lazy to actually do what he says he has done. That is a slap in the face of the recipient, and it telegraphs the lack of commitment to quality that the supplier embodies.

No matter who we are in our various businesses, we want top quality. And of…



Julia E Hubbel

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