Just a thought, Mark. First, congratulations. Second, give it a while. The heartbreakingly frustrating part of sustainable weight management is that your metabolism has changed forever, and the body ALWAYS wants its fat back. I dropped 85 lbs 34 years ago this year. Only once, under quarantine, did more than ten lbs inch back on. That's gone. This is immensely hard work, and it's hard work for life.

You will likely be making adjustments for the rest of your life. Today, for me, just a few weeks from 68, I have maintained a lean, muscular body for more than half my life. It wasn't easy losing the weight, but by comparison to what it takes to fundamentally retool ourselves for the long haul that was a breeze. A BREEZE.

Every decade we likely need to shift a bit. Your eating plan is highly unlikely to work for other people for the simple reason that our metabolisms, dietary needs and allergies vary widely. I blog on this kind of thing, and I found there are two great truths: diets don't work. Period full stop. Second, what works for you, works for you. Each of us needs to do the work, conduct the research and best understand what works for us, and what we need to do over time to adapt to an aging body.

I'm an athlete, but even with my activity level, my caloric intake is truncated because of years of dieting and a final massive weight loss. So what I do consume HAS to be quality food. There is no way I could consume those foods you listed at the beginning, the pizza and ice ceram and cereals and bagels. I would hesitate to imply that anyone can, albeit wholly agree that silly diets (Keto, for example) are a fool's journey.

While personal weight loss stories at the beginning of the year are extremely popular for good reason, the way I see it, talk to me in a few decades. If you can maintain it for that long you might have a shot at maintaining it for life. That's not a slap down at all, Mark, it's a hard truth. This is devilishly hard work. I've done it for 33 years. But for my part I wouldn't put anyone on my plan because they neither have my body nor my commitment. But that's just me.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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