I am a soldier, Vietnam era. I have had PTSD since I was in my early twenties after a series of rapes and assaults. To trivilize PTSD by saying that only combat soldiers (read, mostly male) is to hijack the term the same way the military has hijacked the NFL, and the NFL has used the military to effectively politically gang rape its own players by forcing them to stand when they don’t believe in what they’re standing for, for damned good reason.

The Republicans have hijacked the military (kindly, FUCK YOU, GOP, I’m a middle of the roader who leans left and YOU DO NOT FUCKING SPEAK FOR ME) and the evangelicals have hijacked the Republicans, which is why we see Christianity shoved down the throats of troops. Don’t get me started.

Do I see a pattern here?

And the military hijacks the movie scripts about the military to white wash, brain wash and outright lie about the ten thousand men who get raped every year, and untold thousands more of us women, and how the military cannot seem to find a way to make the military safe for much of fucking anyone.

Hijack, brainwash, whitewash.

I could go on. So when this kind of issue rises, all I can do is point out the simple reality that this whole country under siege. But then hey, we knew that. Have known that. Ask any woman, minority, minority woman, and gasp, UPPITY minority woman.

Which is why I surround myself with same.

This is not the country I wore the uniform to protect. Ilhan Omar speaks her truth, and that’s all she needs to do. If people can’t handle it because it doesn’t align with their twisted reality, I might invite them to find another country to fuck up. They can’t leave soon enough.

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