It is, although I might posit that there are umpteen things that still compete for your time. What’s different is that we see them differently, engage with them differently, choose not to be made so crazy by them, and with a modicum of luck, can feel much more relaxed and in control. Why? Because our twenties are the only decade where we are absolutely, positively designed to go bouncing around like an errant pinball because we have no clue. We’re not supposed to have a clue. When else do we have to experiment so broadly? The tradeoffs are our youth, skin tone and cellulite free bodies. I wouldn’t trade my scars, lumps and bumps for relative attractiveness. As I stare down seventy in the near future, there is frankly nothing about my twenties I’d like back except 1) a full set of my natural teeth and b) a bit more time.

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