Isn’t it just fascinating, Christa, how fast others want to (forgive me)shit on your dreams rather than be superbly happy for your courage?

I am writing this from Bali- in the hospital no less- where we just discovered that I have a prolapsed bladder. I ALWAYS travel alone. I ALWAYS find that others in those countries are eager to help, serve, and join me in my laughter. I ALWAYS am safe. Because I am not stupid enough to go to bars, get cabbaged with strangers and bloody well ask for trouble.

To your point, I WAS raped. In America. In the Army. My experience in my very extensive solo travel overseas is Just. The Opposite.

I can’t even begin to imagine traveling with someone. They’d be a dingleberry. I’ve been doing this for thirty years, and I am constantly, regularly reminded that going solo hands us the world on a platter. All we need to do is dine from it. Or, we can dine from a dinner of fear.

I applaud your choice. Ireland is FABULOUS. I went there- solo- two years ago. Look up They are a joy, and I met the BEST people using this, and had stupid, wonderful fun.

People who poop on your dreams? Meh. Grab your backpack. Say bye bye to boring, say hello to happiness, adventure, stories galore and kindly, the envy of all those stay-at-homers.

There is no safety in fear. There is only a small, stunted life lived in a prison driven by lies. I am not criticizing your friends and family. I AM calling bullshit on ANYONE who would seek to put an end to your about-to-be amazing adventure. Tell us all about it.

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