In a nutshell. I find it uniquely offensive that any generation attacks wholesale any other generation from the fat, comfortable complacency of their current situation. Or for that matter, that Millennials or anyone else blame Boomers wholesale for the state of the world or the economy. Look, there are shits and shysters among us all, just as there are extraordinarily committed, talented, and terrific people among us all. I am also sick of Millennial blaming. To this I want to scream, GO LOOK IN THE FUCKING MIRROR. The iGen kids coming up after the Millennials, who, as you rightly point out, aren’t kids any more, have a whole other set of both concerns and potentials. Far more concerned with what is right, what is fair for ALL of us, they are the most diverse gen ever in America. That’s GOOD NEWS. They are attached to their devices. THAT”S NOT. Each generation needs the love, support, succor, guidance and mentoring of the previous generations. Slathering them with shite and blaming them for the death of industries (Golf? get over yourself already) that perhaps need to die anyway? Again. Get. Over. Yourself. Each of us has his day. When those new days dawn, certain products, sports, you name it go out of style. It’s the way of the world. So did horse carriages, the Model T, and heroin as a tincture for just about any ill. Change is constant. This is change. Stop blaming an entire generation for anything. We all have a hand in all of it, and we aren’t going to move forward by investing in who’s fault anything is. When we look for things to get excited about we will find them. Look for things to be angry about? We will find them. What you compliment tends to grow. What you blame tends to fight back. With good reason. For my part I find plenty of Millennials to admire, to celebrate, and yes, even at 66, to emulate. Damn right. Because talent is talent is talent. Blaming solves nothing except give the blamer a sick sense of self righteousness. It’s not a generation. It’s all of us, and to move forward, it might work a wee bit better if we all cooperated. But hey, that’s just this aging Boomer’s opinion. Thank you for smart piece and for calling bullshit on the bullshit.

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