I would posit that this knee-jerk reaction is identical to any other similar claim. Oh but I LOVE my job. OH but I LOVE where I live.

Comfort is the enemy of growth. When you and I make a decision, and that decision turns out to be less-than-stellar, the default is to justify the decision vs. change the situation. Because the latter demands that I get uncomfortable.

The second I hear myself start to justify, a bright red semaphore flag whisks across my consciousness shrieking BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT.

The harder I try to argue that I’m good, I’m fine, things are superb, that semaphore flag starts slapping me in the mug.

Part of what it means to be woke, outside the context of interpersonal relationships is to get out of what is called waking sleep. That is where most of us spend our lives while arguing strenuously about how conscious and mindful and aware we are.

I beg to differ. Given the results we most often get in life, the tradeoffs we make in order to remain comfortable and unchallenged, I would say that the sound of Snoring While Walking Around is right deafening.

The juice of self-righteous justification is squeezed out of the fear that we aren’t truly happy, aren’t truly satisfied and we damned well know it. It’s hard to admit. But having done so, I’ve just cleared out the cobwebs.

Now I can get down to business. But only if I own my truth.

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