I would posit that this is the result of the half hour to one hour television program in which hugely difficult life issues are swiftly solved. The hero/heroine is triumphant. Easy Peasy. As opposed to say, months and years of chemo. Endless hours of learning to walk and talk again. Life is messy and shitty. We are always and forever out of control. We desperately want to believe that there are folks out there who are in control, which gives us hope. The hard work is controlling how we feel about the inevitable shit sandwiches that we all get, rich or poor, Black or white, tall or small, whatever. Humor is the single most powerful weapon I have ever employed to get me through a broken back, smashed pelvis, shitheel BFs and every other inevitable thing that is bound to land in my lap. That is by far my single best ICBM. However there is no RX for finding your funny. There is only the work. People do not want to hear about the work because that’s, well, WORK.

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