I would gently challenge this. We needed to learn English if we would be writers, for example. There is value in the basics. I would argue that if we are going to stand on the shoulders of others, we have to learn how to climb up to those shoulders. Part of the price paid is a bit of schooling so that we can function in life. However to your very good point- with which I heartily agree- there are those of us who will never be anything BUT worker bees. Thank god for them. However — -to try to cram a dihedron into a square hole is criminal. How many great surgeons, artists, etc have we lost that way? Color inside the lines? Frankly, FUCK YOU. Research shows that most billionaires had very average IQs. Valedictorians live uber average lives. The extreme creators piss teachers off. And thank god they do. Because if and when they drop out (after getting some basics) they will go change the world. Great article and thanks.

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