I would gently disagree and only because of what we now know about attention span. We have about 7 seconds to grab someone’s attention in the age of the goldfish brain. That done, we have about another ten seconds to bolster that argument. People no longer have the discipline to listen to one or two minute descriptions. This is an area I’ve trained for years. That migh work with highly detailed people, but not CEOs and C-suite folks. Bullet points. This doesn’t make me right, but what I’ve found is that faster I get to the bright red beating heart of a problem (“We solve the problem of _____) in less than ten seconds, the faster I see a potential client’s eyes dilate Then I follow with (for example, for _____company we improved __by __% over a period of ____ months and they have been able to sustain those results for the last year. You can call ____for a reference.) That last takes about 10–15 seconds. IF you have done your research and have the chops, someone is likely to ask you for your card. That may not work in all industries but for a social gathering, when asked what do you do, it’s a slam dunk.

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