I would beg to differ, if this article is any indication:https://www.studyfinds.org/no-fun-americans-mired-boredom-131-days-year/.

Niklas, I think the boredom question begs more research. Perhaps underutilized, misdirected, I don’t know. I don’t have the answer. But I do wonder if whether what we’re calling boredom is actually a misnomer. Perhaps it’s more an anxiety response to being underutilized?

Again, I don’t know. Every study asks specific questions because the researcher (all too often) already has a bias in mind, and that will (all too often) guide their research to prove their bias.

Your points are good. I would add that perhaps we could also look at the research that indicates that many of us are indeed bored. Then, that begs the question of whether or not what we’re calling boredom is actually stimulus overwhelm.

I dunno. Just asking. But it makes perfect sense to me. As someone who is supremely self- motivated, and I can only speak for myself here, when I am bored- which is VERY rare- it is almost always because my body and brain pulled back like a hermit crab in need of rest.

Thanks for a good read. Just poking at the balloon. Always other ways of thinking and seeing.

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