I would add, as I write on some of these things, that one of the gauges of whether or not we are allies ( a word that I still have an issue with for various reasons) has a lot to do with our relative comfort levels in promoting Black Excellence. To that, one woman I met here on Medium, another Black PhD, and I have become fast friends. Recently I got her onto a Zoom call with a rather large client of mine, which he was delighted about (he gets how good she is) and I was over the moon that the call went so well. I think one of the acid tests as to whether or not we are clear in our souls, is whether or not we are confident enough to put talent in front of contacts who can hire, and may well hire them instead of us. Not only is that good business to begin with for any client (we help identify and introduce excellence) but it speaks to understanding that we can only change the conversation when we freely enage, elevate, promote and support our Black brothers and sisters. That most certainly isn't all we can do, by any stretch, but clearly it's one place we can make a huge difference. Thanks for this piece, Dr. Plummer. Attending.

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