I woke up at 4 am today (an hour later than usual) and promptly had a delighted laugh at this, Deb. My to-do list is three pages along, twelve point type. It used to defeat me many years ago, but these days, I treat it as a set of suggestions, a scaffolding, as it were. While I get a bang out of taking things off it, like my goddamned spring rabbit population as soon as I do, four more take its place. I am writing an article in response which you might get a bang out of, more on that later. I think that being 66 allows me a slightly different bird’s eye view on this if for no other reason than since my available time has begun to shorten, I worry less about the to-dos and perhaps think more about the payoffs gained from each item lined out. We will never and forever get them all done and have the immense satisfaction of…yah, finished. Nope. However there is still that loveliness of doing those things that serve us and those we love BEST. Perhaps, just perhaps, there is a modicum of wisdom in that. The list need not run us, any more than we let our technology run our lives. We need to — moment by moment- be present in our day. When you and I can be fully aware in the moment of rinsing a dish for the dishwasher, no matter how onerous the chore, the chore graces us. I think sometimes that has more to do with our quality of life than having a line through every item on the to do list, to say nothing of simply being immensely grateful for the fact that we are alive to even be able to do those tasks. We lose sight of that. A great many didn’t wake up this morning. You and I did. And for that, hey, look, thanks. A LOT. Now…about that to-do list….

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