I think the term “toned” would make the difference here Jim, but your point is well taken. I have written on body types for athletes (https://medium.com/@jhubbel/the-never-ending-battle-2fe990300a28), which run the gamut, but for the average guy or gal who is on Match we’re not likely to be discussing Olympic or NFL athletes. Not usually. When I think about athletic AND toned as a combination, that usually implies something pretty specific. But to your point- a 250 lb female heavy lifter is indeed an athlete, just as Mr. Wilfork is as well. However given the tendency of NFL athletes (please see Refrigerator Perry as a prime example) to continue to eat all those calories after they leave the Show, at some point the term “athlete” won’t play any more.

You don’t have to be chiseled and have a six pack to be athletic. Hardly. However for some folks to fudge that term to mean they drag their 280 out to a softball game a few times during the summer stretches reality a bit. I had one guy really slam me hard about this to which I wrote: Okay. When you can ride a horse for nine hours a day, in extreme conditions (rain, snow, steepass mountain passes, etc), for three weeks straight, through all his gaits, then we’ll talk. You can’t and you know you can’t. That’s just one of the things I do (I did that in Iceland, by the way). Being athletic is the ability to do these things- working out, staying in shape for your body type, and putting the time in for maintenance. That gives us options, Jim. Those of us who work at it tend to exude energy-and that includes those plus-size women who are endurance runners. They are also athletes. They would run me into the ground. So I think there’s room for interpretation here, which is only fair. Fit means fit for your body. Fit doesn’t mean sit all week and walk around the block before the Sunday game. Our numbers never lie, whether we’re big, small, thin or tall. as you well know, thin isn’t necessarily either fit or healthy. Fit is fit.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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