I think, although I may not be right, that part of the fundamental issue here, Dr. Hines, is that America and Americans, not all but too many, simply cannot comprehend Black Excellence. The Black doctorate, doctor, scholar, neurosurgeon. Anything Black that doesn't wield a broom or pick cotton. When the collective consciousness simply cannot comprehend Black competence outside the arenas of music and athletics, then we cannot, do not make room for learning, understanding. We cannot rewrite any kind of narrative that allows for truly seeing POC as immensely competent, capable and gifted. Part of the great challenge is the normalization of Black Excellence at every level of society. Until we see that, until we aknowledge its presence and the absolute necessity of it, I fear that the most ignorant of racists will always and forever consider himself superior to an Obama or a Mandela or the scholars you list here simply because of skin color. It takes the breath away, but it is one of the causes, at least to my mind, of why we continue to be a seriously backwards society in important regards.

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