I respect your take, Rachel, but I’m not trying to impress you or anyone else. Just poking at some bushes. I simply have a take. As with all takes there are likely inherent flaws, which is part of being human. However, that said, I still believe there are some things people might not want to wear in public, with the Walmart customer lineup a pretty good example.

There are a number of very important and carefully-worded qualifiers in this piece which are there for that very reason. You may have missed them in your swift judgment of my piece, which is, of course, judgment on your part. We all do it, Rachel, however I did my best to clarify. To wit:

I’ve been obese. And found lots of ways to be stylish. I didn’t wear leggings when I was obese, but that’s just me. Comfortable doesn’t always translate to classy, but then, it depends on what you’re trying to do in the world. Dress to impress? Get hired? Make a statement?

Does it really matter?

As well as other similar comments, such as …if you choose to make such a critical remark.

How we choose to interpret an article is a statement more about the filters through which we ourselves view the world. It wasn’t my intent to shame anyone but call out the silliness of telling women of a certain age they shouldn’t wear leggings. I’m not likely to do a tome on every single aspect of Fashion Police. I chose one, from a fit after sixty angle. How you decide to read my words is completely up to you and your sacred right. It’s all in the eyes of the viewer, isn’t it?

Everything is. We all have a right to our opinion. However if I were in the unfortunate business of hoping to impress everyone who read my work I’d be useless as a writer. Sometimes what I write is supposed to elicit responses, which are highly instructive.

Like I said, I respect your take, which was a judgment in and of itself. If you can’t see the humor in this (and it is funny, we all judge, then we judge each other for being judgmental) then I am sorry. I would posit that in one way or another a great many of our pieces on Medium contain an opinion, which can easily be construed as judgement by the viewer. They’re laid out like a smorgasbord. We can agree, disagree and have opinions on their opinions. Or judge them for being judgmental. Which makes us judgmental.

My mother, who believed herself above all such things, was hugely intolerant of intolerance. I pointed out the dichotomy. She wasn’t amused. She judged me unable to see the difference. She was intolerant of my intolerance of her intolerance.

This is the stuff of comedy. IF you choose to see it. I appreciate your comment, Rachel, and I did take it seriously. When I have time later today I will review the piece out of respect but am about to leave a hotel here in Bali for other work.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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