I rather dislike generational generalizations, because by definition they lump vast diversity into one bucket, when there is so much more to take into account. The same goes for X or Z, or Millennials, where I see Boomers make sweeping and ridiculously unfair characterizations about being lazy or irresponsible. All that is patently unfair, but that’s just my opinion. As a female vet from the Vietnam era, someone who lived through (but wasn’t) hippiedom, I see your points and largely agree.However it would also be fair to say that just like with my parents (who were protesters against WWII, my dad was a conscientious objector) and I joined the Army to get my degree, there are a great many of us who happen to share the generational years but not the wealth, nor the attitudes that you appear to ascribe to most of us. I don’t argue that a good bit of it is perfectly fair criticism, but by the same token, is it fair for me to broad-brush Millennials as ne’er do wells because they’re in their parents’ basements? They are there for damned good reason, mostly economic, poor wage growth, a host of economic factors (including greed) that have made reasonable housing impossible, including for a lot of aging Boomers.

As a vet, I would argue strenuously that we are all in this together. The more I see about generations that could and/or does pit us against each other doesn’t move us forward. Each of us has a piece of this, not just Boomers, not just Xers or Zs. All of us, John. I wore the uniform in part to protect your right to your opinion, but also because I believe passionately that we have a society worth saving. Part of that society for me means that we all shoulder in on the scrum that is modern-day America, all its messes and opportunities. Laying blame wastes time, and it also distracts us from the work at hand. I’m not saying you are, but many articles do, and it’s a symptom of how easily we are all led towards dysfunctionality. The rich march to the bank with our treasure while we fight for scraps. Wars are won this way. If we are working towards a more equitable America, that argument, to my mind, is less about generations (Millennials have their fare share of Gordon Geckos just as previous ones had their robber barons) than it is about focusing on what we share, those things that link us, the concerns that deserve our full attention: Fair pay, decent housing, equity, diversity, the widening gap and loss of the middle class, and a whole lot more that touch every one of us.

But that’s just me.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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