I might posit, Louise, as a 67 year old athlete, that it is just as difficult to locate photos of active, engaged grey hairs. I write pretty extensively about aging, and fitness as we age. You and I could talk all day about what society in general dictates to us about what is sexy. The older I get, the more invisible I become, and the more aware I am of how invisible older women are, of any size or color. I have noted this is in my articles as you do here: Unsplash and even Deposit photos, which is where I pay for many of my visuals have a very curated version of what sexy is. Albeit, I have indeed found a great many more photos- and have used them in my articles- of curvy women, what many might consider fat (kindly, having been both obese and grotesquely skinny I no longer ascribe to a singular interpretation of what’s attractive). That said I wouldn’t say that society loves slim girls. I would, perhaps, say that Madison Avenue does for one reason and one reason only: it sells shit.Lotions, potions, plastic surgery, procedures, weight loss programs….let’s be very clear, Louise, the world is made up of rich and vast diversity. Thank god. And in that diversity, plenty of people who have no interest in the 1% of women who can strut the catwalk. Those people are human freaks. If you want to rail at something, better that you and I go after who wins when we all worry about a one ounce weight gain. That would be corporate America, which benefits hugely when you and I are horrified that we don’t have a 23 inch waist. Most normal folks don’t give a shit. Not only because said waist isn’t possible for most of us, but also because getting there is too painful (been there) and maintaining it is impossible (yep) and living with someone who worries constantly about her weight just ….


I would hesitate to assume that everyone likes skinny girl. Some do. Most of the men in my life liked me a hell of a lot better with some heft on me if for no other reason than I didn’t look like I had just escaped a prison camp. Over the course of my long life I have done time in extremis at both ends of the weight spectrum, and for what it’s worth, those experiences (being horribly anorexic and obese) have taught me a great deal of compassion as well as patience for how so many of us struggle. Most of us struggle because we drink the collective corporate Koolaid. Back up to the 35k’ viewpoint and ask who benefits when we hate our bodies: Corporate America. The folks who make and sell everything from yoga pants to fitness centers to stupid food.

I wouldn’t blame people- nor would I make the slightly questionable assumption that everyone likes a skinny girl.That’s just not the case, Louise. Media likes the skinny girl. Because it sells fear, anxiety, self loathing, all to achieve an impossible goal. For what it’s worth. I totally get your point. I might suggest that there are other ways to look at the issue, which doesn’t make me right, it just means I see things a little differently.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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