I might add:

Four: DO NOT walk in front of folks who are watching their form in the mirror. That’s very bad form and it’s rude. We’re watching for good reason, and it’s not about vanity.

Five: Especially during busy times, DO NOT hog three machines. Your name isn’t tattooed on that leg press. Ask to work in and let others work in.

Six. Do not hog gear. Never. Ever. Don’t grab six sets of different weights and make a hoard pile. People need those bells. Work in. Be an adult. Or, show up at a less busy time when making a pile doesn’t inconvenience five other people.

Seven. Keep your bags in the locker. People can trip on them. Keep your weights out of areas where people walk. People can trip on them. Especially newbies who aren’t all that aware of the black on black dumbbells against a black rubber floor.

Eight. DO NOT DROP YOUR WEIGHTS. Strong people never, ever work with anything outside their competence or they get a spotter. You can seriously hurt folks and you advertise you’re a rookie.

Nine. Don’t just grab a bench that’s unoccupied. Check for a water bottle, weights or keys. Someone may be getting a drink of water or taking a comfort break. Ask folks nearby if it’s in use. It usually is if there’s a set of weight close to it.

Ten. Don’t interrupt other folks’ workouts to chat. Just. Don’t. If they are willing, they’ll stop. But don’t expect serious gym rats to drop their weights and exercise their jaw muscles as their bodies cool down and they lose time. Those of us who are serious about gym work aren’t standing around talking for hours on end. That’s why we have the muscles we have. It’s not that we’re unfriendly- we’re focused. Ask permission for a sec. Keep it to a sec. We’re happy to help with form.

I’m turning this into an article after I finish my workout. 2020 is my 46th year as a gym rat. I want folks to succeed too. I’m all for it. However to that end, kindly learn your gym manners. They show respect, make you welcome, demonstrate your professional attitude about being in this environment. And when you feel and act like a pro, you are far more likely to stick with it than feel like an unwelcome asshole.

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