I love this line, Shannon. I love this whole article, but let’s just nab this line. In the latest issue of Outside magazine, which is my bible, there is a pic on the cover of an ultramarathoner. He was a Navy SEAL (which VERY few of us can be). Got out, got fat, Blah Blah. Then he turned himself around. And he says the same damned thing. IT’S A LIE. Okay, for example. The article says that he stretches four hours a day. ‘Scuse me? Most of us have jobs.

The piece that pisses me off about this is: HEY I’m a 66 year old woman. I wanna be the first elderly woman who runs naked to the top of Everest! No oxygen! SURE I CAN.

Come on man.

Therein lies the problem. We are all given limitations, and they inform us of what we need to overcome. Some can, some can. How about we tell Michael J. Fox that he can be anything he wants to be? America’s Next Model? So therein lies the stupidity. Given our unique conditions, our unique challenges, the situations all of us deal with, bottom line, what is possible within our lane. Then, given that lane, how far can we push the boundaries out?

We can be the best versions of ourselves. PERIOD.What that looks like is as unique as a fingerprint. YES. OURS.

As for having it all for women, which is a holdover from the Eighties, yes, of course you can. Just not all at the same time. I can be a successful woman, but maybe not in a relationship. I can travel, but I can’t have a happy home all the time. There is always and forever a tradeoff and we are not bad for not having it all at the same time. Even if we were filthy rich, we’d still not have it all, because that’s not the real point. The real point is how can you and I rise into the most shining examples of ourselves and forget the bullshit of anything is possible? Because what I wanted at 20, thank you NO. At 40? Same. At 50? No thanks. We are forever changing. Thank god. What we can be is smart enough to not drink the Tony Robbins Koolaid. Great article.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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