I love this. While some may see it as very in-your-face, any one of us who participates in a platform that has in vastly too many ways been shown to shred society and undermine our humanity, then we are indeed complicit. I ripped out the roots of my fairly short-term relationship with Facebook over the just past Labor Day weekend. There are costs associated with that. For example, one website where I’m a regular contributor requires that I sign in via Facebook to respond to people who take the time to comment on my posts. I have always taken that kind of thing seriously. I wrote the Website’s owner repeatedly about the dangers of Facebook but it is so embedded into her business model I(she has more than 600,000 subscribers) she claims she can’t do anything about it. Therein lies the problem. It’s like a very bad virus- once it takes hold, it’s extremely hard to eradicate. It was no small feat just to uproot myself. But, like voting, my voice bloody well matters. I am out of the blue walled prison. Refuse to be part of the problem. Excellent post. And one hopes that the more we tear down the walls of bullshit that Zuckerberg in his immature arrogance has sold us, we will collectively Just. Walk. Away. Otherwise, as you so clearly state, we are ALL part of the problem. If I want to track down my buddies in Iceland and New Zealand, let me put in the real sleuth work to find them. I most certainly can. I don’t need these mind sucks and data sellers to make that easy for me at the cost of our collective societies.

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