I have to admit this kind of thing makes me come out of my seat and want to punch the surgeon in the nose. It just takes my breath away. So, a nice pair will get you a job, huh? Yeah, that and a lot of groping and grabbing, and a complete disregard for anything intelligent and strategic coming out of your mouth- as if that weren’t already a problem. Some things simply do not change. The assumption that women still need to sleep their way to the top is appalling. Or, that they have to be young, shapely, comely and good arm candy. While it’s nice to be attractive (and cultures do more for those who are) shoving sex across the desk in an interview isn’t exactly the recipe for the corner office. It turns it into a casting couch. The only real hope I have is that cretins like this plastic surgeon will just die out. However, your story points to the level of patriarchy that still exist in spades in medicine. We don’t know what’s important, until we’ve lost it. Joni Mitchell had a hit song about that years ago. We have a long way to go, Jim.

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