I had such a lovely laugh at this. A couple of things pop up: in 1987 I was obese, and like most folks went on a thousand useless diets. Then one day I got serious, that was all she wrote, I have been slim for 33 years and counting. Similarly I have talked about writing a book for years, then wrote two, back to back, and they both won prizes. I talked about adventure travel for years, and right now I’m coming home from my 45th country, five weeks in Africa doing really extraordinary things. This isn’t bragging. I did plenty of procrastinating and hemming and hawing. My bookshelves are crammed with books I never read. Because ultimately I just went out and did. I talked about leaving Denver for years. Well, my house goes up for sale on March 21st. I support part of this with reading and research, but I think that with all of us, there is a piece that prefers comfort and stasis, and a part that is willing to change. Like the two dogs fighting inside us, the old story goes, it depends on which one we feed.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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