I can only speak for my viewpoint but I don’t find anything “nontraditional” about his viewpoints. With the exception of his comment about waking at four am and implying that this would work for us all (thank you no, it does for me but not for a hell of a lot of us), I find his comments to be pretty much simple common sense. Eat well (for your body), have a purpose, move regularly, have plenty of friends and a support system. These are the four pillars of a good, long well-lived life. I write about these things regularly as do a great many others. Dave Perlmutter MD has been writing about the microbiome for a very long time (see Grain Brain and others). So I struggle to understand why his views are nontraditional. I’ve been living this way for many years, which is why I’m in superb shape at 66. I know a great many people my age and older who also live this way. So yes, it’s good stuff, but hardly nontraditional. Perhaps in some pockets it is, but I don’t know that I’d make the assumption that he’s in his own lane here.

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