I beg to differ. Race WILL impact their kids' futures. Because in just a couple of decades birthrates alone will dictate who they work for and with, who they marry and the majority color of this country, Like it or not, doesn't matter. These are facts. FACTS, Jeanette. FACTS don't care about emotions. That's what people cannot see. This is about the future, investing in the future, preparing our kids to be in a future of biracial kids like yours and Rebecca Stevens and so many others, and mixed marriages and a vast melting pot. That is the brutal shortsightedness that these folks are demonstrating. The trajectories are already in place. The way I see it, JCE, the point is to pivot, find ways to leap on board and make that future work for those kids, even if we can't make it work much better right now. This kind of behavior doesn't do that. Their example sets their kids up to be out of touch, irrelevant and have terrible issues in every aspect of life. Call me crazy, but that's what I see.

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