I appreciate your caring and frank viewpoint. I am not in any way religious and I categorially, unapologetically deny any and ALL organized religions, ALL of them, for the reasons you outline, for in each is the seed of manipulating each religion's doctrine to further personal agendas. It is such a deeply personal and private decision, now used to punish, damage, belittle, hurt and outright murder others, all the name of a so-called loving god. She might, but people don't. Therein lies the problem. People align themselves with ideals but cannot, will not act in alignment with them. I am done with liars, cheats and abusers who wear the mantle of religious righteousness and hurt as many as possible in the process. For you, Matilda, the path is set- you walk in the steps of one in whom you believe. I applaud that decision. You will be lonely there. But you will have reason to feel at peace.

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