I am bored AF too. I just sent a respectful note to someone who is using EVERYBODY and ALL OF US and WE to talk about only those people she happens to know, a kind of sweeping us all into the dust bin. My response is to steadily un-follow all the self important, increasingly mindless shit that I see.

Kristi, I’ve been getting two very clear messages both from my readers and my neighbors:

WE ARE TIRED AS FUCK OF THIS NONSENSE. It’s not that we don’t get the importance. We need a break. It’s impossible to relax, be creative, think and just live with all this negativity.

My neighbors and I focus on what we can do. Walk the dog. Play games. Watch movies. Walk the neighborhood. Hike the local hills. Laugh at the bullshit. We take it all very seriously but we are defeated and demoralized when we turn on the TV news.

Which is precisely what happens when I check Medium. Tired as fuck of the self-appointed experts.

I have a wicked ass sense of humor and I am DONE with people’s telling each other what to do when NONE of these people has been through anything bigger than a broken fingernail. I exaggerate. But still. I’m not far off.

I’ve got deep expertise in the field of how to manage through change and transition. I’ve had horrific losses in my life, and built skills on how to get through them, then got certified in a program that teaches others. That is useful right now. It serves. It helps people cope. While I fully understand that we are watching what happens when people are in terrible denial and their knee jerk reaction is to tell everyone else what to do because they are clueless, it’s exhausting.

Add to that a too-young, too-inexperienced Medium curation staff that is JUST as clueless, and we have a broken system on Medium right now.

It isn’t serving. It’s NOT gracious dialogue. Medium is now in some ways part of the problem and guilty of what its creators were unhappy about with other social media outlets.

I won’t stop writing. But I have stopped reading a lot of peoples’ material. I respond to humor, I respond to sane and sober material, and I am no longer respond to the stupidity. I am deeply disappointed with Medium as well.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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