I am a huge fan of this man, but because of his work on 42. I must play that movie two or three times a year. I haven't seen most of the others. It was his work telling the stories of real life icons that I loved best. Like you I was just shocked. And so very, very sad, for unlike the inimitable and stupendously talented James Earl Jones who is nearly ninety, we will not have the exquisite pleasure of decades of his work. It's not just that loss. It's the quiet backstory of how hard he worked despite his condition. To me, that rewrites what we understand heroism and what superpowers really are. That's a remarkable legacy. Thanks for your piece. I am also still reeling.

I am honored to share a birthdate with Mr. Jones, although that is meaningless. Fun note. We will likely lose him far too soon, too but what a legacy he too has left us.

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