Here’s my latest to the Help Team at Medium:

I am asking for further clarification on the issue of what to use for a writing instrument, and how to get paid. Here’s what your website says:

Note: You can only set a story as a members-only story on desktop.

I use a laptop. By definition, that isn’t a desktop computer. Here’s the definition just in case there’s a question about terms

Since I’ve been using a laptop since the very beginning- and have gotten paid as long as I use a particular laptop, this means that what you say on your website (you can only use a desktop computer) isn’t correct. This is part of the problem. Semantics.

When I have written in, I have asked some very specific questions in an effort to clarify and understand exactly what works and what doesn’t. The challenge I have is that people send me a copy and paste list from something that I can read myself and have already read. Then this morning I got an email that read, rather snippily I might say, that Jonas had said several times prior that only desktops worked. Well, that isn’t true, because my laptop, which isn’t a desktop, has worked from the beginning.

So in the very sincere interest of clarification, which is why I keep asking these questions- and frankly getting mad at me doesn’t solve the issue because other writers are clearly dealing with some of the same issues- I am asking you to be specific. In my case, and I am hardly alone, I’m going to be traveling. I am doing my level best to identify a machine that will use the right format, the right OS, so that when I write overseas those articles will get paid for. I travel for weeks at a time, like others, and it behooves me to do my best to accommodate your demands. To get angry at me for asking when there is information on your website that is either unclear or just plain wrong (only desktop computers) isn’t helpful from a Help Center.

I am no expert here. That’s why I’m asking for help. It’s inappropriate to make me wrong for asking for clarification and information, when there is information that is misleading on your own website. Since I am not the only person who writes on a laptop, which by definition, based on your above comment on your website, isn’t supposed to support Medium, then it makes a lot of sense to clarify that for all of us who hope and wish to provide you with the kinds of content your readers wish to pay for. This is called collaboration. Cooperation. And, value to paying clients, of which I am also one. Since I write an article -at least one- every single day, the answer to these very direct questions is important. I will post them so that others like them don’t have to go through the same process.
You are busy. I’m busy. It is not my intent to annoy or frustrate any more than it’s your intent to annoy or frustrate. I’m trying to get my questions answered. lt doesn’t help to send me an email that clearly telegraphs your annoyance, when information on your own website is misleading.
We’re all working together here to create an environment where people can write well, get paid for it and add value to our readers. Please let’s focus on that outcome, and I ask you again: what machines would work best? Desktopsp- by definition- are not the only machines that support Medium. I don’t even own one. I am writing you from a laptop right now, which simply underscores the point.


Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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