Here's a point of interest. While the company went bankrupt for a variety of unfortunate reasons, J. Peterman has always been and continues to be (even as their products have become about as interesting as a 75% off sale at WalMart) the BEST at copywriting. Their clothing was also just as interesting, but Peterman understood that the story assigned to a simple white blouse was far more powerful and compelling than the blouse. Their copywriting has long been held up as the best example of how to imbue a simple chunk of cloth with romance, intrigue and excitement. What a pity these days that the people who bought his outfit do not share his zest for buying and creating worthwhile things. The copyrwiter continues to churn out romance, but I haven't bought anything for years, when I used to slaver over which of the many things I'd dog-eared in their catalog. Worse, they've jacked up the prices to in some cases three times what they were not long ago, so that the Big Sale simply lets you buy an item for what it went for at full price not long ago. How very American.

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