Hello Andy,

Following you now. Thanks kindly for the thoughtful report. Perhaps what troubles me is the level of disbelief, and the number of folks who are so resistant to reality that they effectively become inadvertent murders. Sure, I’d love normalcy. I was supposed to have sold my house in Denver and be on my way to Oregon right now to look at properties. I miss working out at my gym. I don’t like being sequestered. I don’t like a great many things.

Well, tough.

While I most certainly have empathy for my fellow man, I don’t much have patience for those who are in such a level of denial they would purchase silver colloidal toothpaste from Alex Jones.

As a glass half full type, I see this time as a remarkable boon. There are a hundred hundred things I can choose to work on, write about, develop. I can work hard on staying in shape using what I have. I can write positive, thoughtful, intelligent articles which focus on the positive. And I can do what I can to create cooperative networks of people doing, saying, thinking forward-thinking thoughts, which will go one hell of a lot longer way than itching to return to normalcy during a time when that very impatience is a ripe guarantee to put us back behind the recovery arc.

Perhaps because I am ex military, perhaps because my affection for extreme sports has put me in many near-death experiences, perhaps because ultimately I really do believe that things like this have a much higher purpose (and kindly I am not religious), I am a little more able to weather the storm. I suspect I’ve been exposed, and I also rather believe I’ve already had my bout. But I’m also extremely healthy, an athlete, and have been on anti-malarial meds since before leaving for five weeks in Africa in early February. There seems to be some research possibly indicating that those meds might play a role. I don’t know that, but a recent Medium article spoke to that.

In all such times we will have survivalist gun-hoarders, hoarders of all kinds, and people intent on taking advantage of superstition, ignorance and rank stupidity. Trump is the single best example of all of that, and his followers are demonstrating the political divide along which people either believe or disbelieve the news about this virus.

There will be a housecleaning. I am sad about it. For all I know it’s my turn as well. But for my part, while I have this extra time, I choose to be as much a part of what’s positive, part of the solution as I can.

Again, many thanks for sane, sober, thoughtful reporting.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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