Grace, with respect, as with other parts of this article I did indeed give validation. And, simply chose one of many articles on that topic. You have every right to disagree, but to simply make a sweeping statement that it’s ignorant and not validated, which it’s neither, without offering your opposing viewpoint, dishonors your argument. I am happy to read what you might offer, but without it, your comments come across as simply insulting. I have had many highly valuable exchanges with people who not agree with me, but they have backed themselves up with their own data. That allows me to learn. While I may not always change my view ( and I sometimes do, to be fair, including adding that info to my article), it ends up being both a mature and respectful exchange. Calling me or what I wrote ignorant is the kind of unpleasant and wholly unnecessary gaslighting that most of us writers come to Medium to avoid. I am happy to review opposing arguments. But not when you neither validate your own claim, and stoop to hurling insults instead. Such behavior is why I eschew Facebook,and all its kin. I wish you well, in all sincerity, Grace, but if you cannot review an article without this kind of unpleasant comment, I respectfully ask that you read other writers.

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