GOD I love this term. Perfect!

Just a head’s up, Leah. As we enter our later years (I am 66) one of the side effects is that Circadian rhythms change. Some six years ago I went from waking up at five to waking up at three .

Shit, man.

However, I have, as you, come to adore that morning time. I get all my writing done before the first car sounds on my street. Watch the sun rise. Get my workouts started.

By the time most folks are dragging ass out of bed, I’ve got at least one article done, at least an hour of exercise done, showered and ready to hit the day.

Nine o’clock? That’s six hours into the day and damned near dinnertime for me.

Down side? No goddamned night life.

Okay so that part sucks.

However, I will take productivity over late night carousing any day.

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