Given that I already agree with you about Millennials (I have far too many personal experiences that speak otherwise) I might gently point out that your article does precisely the same kind of damage to Boomers.

ALL overly broad, overly general negative comments about ANY generation are by their very nature, spectacularly dead wrong, Matthew.

And with respect for your point, when you and I pander to the feelings of folks who feel pointed out and sand blasted ( as do Boomers, as do Millennials, based on no real evidence except some sewage dweller’s need to get eyeballs) then we are part of the problem.

I have written a few clickbait headlines like that myself, and then in the body of my article talk about the extraordinary Millennials I know, work with and respect. And kindly, love dearly, and no they aren’t my kids since I don’t have any, and no they aren’t family members, as I don’t have any.

So if you wish to be part of the answer as opposed to banging the same old drum, which you kinda do here about Boomers, then let’s write about folks we want to celebrate. That would be folks, not entire generations, because in the first place the whole notion of generations is deeply suspect. Then in the body of a given generation we see immense variety across age, culture, color, creed, etc. We are all just too diverse to be handily plunked into a particular bucket.

We do not have the right to paint any huge group of people with a single paintbrush. That by definition is racist, doing it to Boomers and Millennials or Gen Z is ageist (ageism goes both ways) and it is ugly by any other word. Just plain ugly. Again, you’re better than that.

We’re all better than that. Sure there are folks who live up to the stereotype. There are asshole Boomers who bark that Millennials are lazy. Just as there are asshole white supremacists that think that feminism is a scourge. There are asshole Millennails who write than anyone over 70 should be gassed to death. Hey Sparky, wait a while. Pick your issue. None of these arguments move us forward.

As a 67-year-old Boomer, if I have to own that moniker, I surround myself with folks of all ages, all backgrounds, all colors, all creeds. That’s just life. I refuse to participate in generation bashing. I would invite you to rise to that challenge. Because when you bash Boomers you are wrestling with pigs who bash Millennials. It’s all stupid. Time wasting. Ridiculous. You’re better than that. I’m better than that. We can all be better than that.

And as I have written elsewhere, while the 1% pits all of us against each other for one reason or another, they walk to the bank with our money. As long as negative headlines make money, we lose money.

A Millennial wrote recently that all Boomers are rich. Dear Jesus Fucking Christ. The goose egg in my savings account makes that a lie. Just as saying that all Millennials are lazy.

That’s ugly Koolaid. Let’s please stop drinking this bullshit.

Written by

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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