Forgive me, but the calories in calories out has been seriously and widely debunked. I applaud you for your weight loss, but with all due respect, this is not a smart move. First, your body will always want that fat back. It's the way we're built. You are in for a lifetime of being limited to fewer calories simply because of the amount of weight you've lost. that's not me, that's research, easy to find online. That isn't such bad news, but to not understand this right now is a fools journey, and it's why only 5% of maintain for life. With respect, I dumped 85 lbs 34 years ago, and while again I applaud your journey, I AM that 5%, and know what I blog about. This is one of those topics. Keto can be damned dangerous for many, if not deadly, as your points about fiber (ya think) make clear. Obesity is widely misunderstood- don't get me started, I've been there- but no diet works forever. Lifestyle changes do, which is appears you've done. To that, my hat is off. However, I have terrible issues with Keto for it is NOT good for everyone. To ignore the need to work with a nutritionist from the beginning in order to assess the unique needs of our one and only body is foolish. Diets don't work. Lifestyle changes do. It appears that this is what you've done and again, my heartfelt congrats.

However, in the interest of being responsible, here is why Keto is just plain DANGEROUS:

You may have lost weight. That's great. What you don't know, and might be wise to check, are your organs. You may well have put yourself at high risk for kidney stones, seriously changed your gut bacteria and much more because of the amount of time you spent on it. Kindly, what we look like outside isn't the point. For if in our wholesale hunger to be thin we trash our bodies inside, honestly, you can be thin and so sick you can't do much except sit or be forever tethered to a doctor's office. I am NOT saying this has happened to you, for I am not you. Keto has, however, done this to plenty of others, which, if you are determined to write about it, you and I have the moral responsibility to let the buyer beware. Keto is dangerous long term, not sustainable, and can do terrible damage to the body. It's a crank way to get thin, but fine if that's all we care about. If we care about vitality and health, there are lots of other, kinder ways to do it. They take longer, they require more work, but ultimately we are worth it.

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