First of all, kudos to you for this Jim. There are several key points in your post that I’d like to underscore and perhaps build upon. You make the very legitimate point that we are all going to realize very different results, in part due to age, our bodies, what we eat, a host of different factors. However I think that you and your over all health would look vastly different (as in a lot dimmer future) if you weren’t so focused and dedicated. To my mind, especially if we’re doing our best to negotiate a truce not with gravity but also with the aging process, a sense of humor goes a very long way. Also, I tend to believe that in some cases ( emphasis on “it depends”) genetics are a suggestion, albeit a strongly-worded one, not necessarily a sentence. As I wrote elsewhere, even Oprah, who at one point marched out onstage very very tiny, couldn’t maintain it. Not only is weight damned difficult to get off, it’s vastly harder to keep off (please see The Secret Life of Fat by Sylvia Tara). I live that reality myself, having relieved my rear of some 80 pounds thirty years ago this summer. Trust me, it all wants to move back for the winter every single year. It’s like renegotiating NAFTA- No Ass Fat Tolerated Again — almost daily. Like I said, if you can’t laugh at it occasionally it will ruin your day. Every single day. Simple truth, you’re doing a great job. And no, exercise is not at all a panacea.What we eat is 85% of what we look like; exercise does a nice job of shoving a thumb in the hole in the dam called aging. It vastly reduces sarcopenia (age related muscle loss) and loss of lung capacity, which is something like 3- 5% every year for men once they pass their mid-twenties or so. All the work we do is a matter of treaty negotiations with forces we won’t be able to beat in the end. However with what we can do, and you said it, you bounce back swiftly, you can burn a bike, and both of those are claims a great many folks can’t make. For my money that’s a helluva job.

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