Faith Ann, I would be mindful of which books. Because education is ever canted to help us decide that 'we” are the good guys ( we is whomever has his collective foot on the neck of whomever is not writing the history). So any book isn’t a good book. A book that unflinchlingly reports on our behavior is one thing. Books which are highly selective are another. So…do we want to read a whitewashed version of How It Really Was, or do we want the Bloody Stink of what really was? Depends, doesn’t it? Part of the spoils of war go to the Victor who gets to write his version. Doesn’t make it true. Just makes it the Victor’s version. Whoever writes a different version of widely accepted truth is up for a fight, if that version throws tarnish on our heroes. People don’t like to be disappointed. Therein lies part of the problem, at least to my mind. We are a country happy to point at genocide elsewhere but we cannot stomach using that word to describe our own actions. Just saying.

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