Extremely well put, and thank you. On one hand, I have met some extraordinary people this way. On the other, to your point, it reduces us to our photos-and in my case in particular (as with others like me)-an age, which in a youth-obsessed world, is damnation indeed. I find so often that when someone actually does take the plunge and meet me, I am met with shock. As in, holy shit you look like your photos. Yah. I do. It’s immensely sad that what could be a remarkably delightful experience is so cheapened. However- and here is where I have to shove myself to the 35,000 view whether I like it or not- when and if I’m supposed to have company, I will. In the meantime, it’s up to me- as you so aptly put it- to fill my life with enjoyable activities, which makes me interesting. Or, I should hope so. Thanks for your comments.

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