Dori,That for me was indeed the very sad final straw. It is a pity that sometimes our political leanings tear us apart. Normally I’d have no problem with this kind of disagreement. However, having worked at the highest levels of government, being a rape survivor, and being a very keen reader of character, I knew what was coming. Sadly I’ve been right on every single count and then some. It’s not about being right- in this case it was the wilful disregard of the evil this cretin represented to every aspect of our Republic. My friend’s husband, who has been and still is my accountant, looked at the positive potential for business. That’s immensely short-sighted. While I can understand the self-serving viewpoints that drive so many political decisions (understand, not necessarily agree with) in a democracy, we are all tasked with a certain amount of sacrifice of our own gains/good/selfish interests for the larger good. We seem to have lost that as a nation. While I might lose money because of oil interests, for example, the far larger greater gains to the world and to my country through a President who is committed to the environment outweighs that. To give you an example that touches me right here at home, we have a gubernatorial race here in Colorado. My BF’s gun nut, Republican, survivalist big brother is voting Democrat ONLY because than Dem is very pro-pot. Why? The brother is the CFO of a chain of pot stores. I do understand. I do see. It is understandable. And while I’m glad for that vote, I marvel at his single-minded, self-serving choices. He is willing to sell all his other values down the river (values I don’t happen to share, but that’s not his problem) for that one advantage.

A well-educated, well-informed, engaged public that is civic-minded keeps in balance the needs of the whole population. That’s a Utopian ideal, but it is one that drives a well-designed democracy. It is our nature to be self-absorbed. However, just as paying taxes goes to the larger good in myriad ways from roads and bridges (such as they are) and other civic needs, there is a demand placed upon us all to think in larger terms. In this sense, a President who( among a million other things) opens up hunting season on the world’s last great species that not only belong to the world at large but are keystones to the environment is the absolute height of self-serving selfishness. But enough similarly-minded Americans wanted him. So now we have this war-mongering piglet for President and his mind-boggingly corrupt and equally stupid and destructive cabinet. My good friend didn’t stop to think about THAT side of it. She simply agreed with her husband that this monumentally stupid and criminal creature would be “good for business.” Yes. To a degree he is-if you’re a billionaire, not a farmer for example. To the detriment of everything even she holds dear- her beloved animals. It is remarkable how blind even the smartest of us can be when we are considering only our own narrow interests. It takes real courage-a characteristic I think too many are a wee bit short on- to back off what WE want and consider what is best not only for our own society but also for the species at large. But then, that is only my opinion and it’s worth the air it’s written upon. Thanks for your thoughts.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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