Destiny, many thanks for your comments. I see your point- and, in general would agree — but would add a caveat. As someone who spent four decades battling eating disorders, was a compulsive exerciser and who has been around both of these communities my entire adult life, I would gently point out that “choice” may not necessarily be the word. The folks who end up as freaks ( and I got there myself) probably didn’t do so as a lifestyle choice when anorexia began, nor was it a “fit” way of life. These are compulsions, driven by self-loathing, self-hate, and the tendency to not only abuse ourselves but also the absolute inability to see the damage we’re doing to our bodies. Anorexia KILLS. Bigorexia KILLs. Extreme bodybuilding KILLS. Those are the facts. Those of us who have walked those paths can tell you IF we are being honest-that it’s an horrific lifestyle. We hate ourselves, hate our bodies, and diet and work ourselves to death. I would be hard pressed to find someone “fit” in any of those categories. This is far more a statement about our societal norms, the sick drive for freakish perfection that doesn’t exist, the unholy terror that we aren’t adequate as we are now and never will be no matter what we do to our bodies. I am more judgmental of our society which salutes sick, stick thin girls as the norm, and hails over blown massive muscle wads as manly. While in no way would I argue anyone’s right to choose, I decry the society that gives birth to such extremes, applauds them, and is both ignorant of and insensitive to that cost. Unless you’ve walked that path and paid those prices (for me it was losing all my teeth, organ damage, a heart attack and countless other issues) then I might hesitate to call these “fitness” choices. Ain’t nuthin’ fit about any of it. My BF has worked with steroid-sucking NFL athletes too. Nuthin’ fit about that either. Of course people choose. That’s their right. However anything that hurts us and everyone around us and often leads to a painful death is neither healthy nor fit. I understand your point of choice, Destiny, although it’s my guess that those of us who suffer from such extreme behaviors are neither happy nor healthy. I would strongly disagree with your choice of adjectives. That doesn’t make you wrong. It’s that I think we see and experience these things very differently based on our experiences and observations.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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