Dan, I wrote a separate article on what’s called a “capsule wardrobe” which speaks directly to your point about basics. To your point about shopping lots of stores, I also agree- that’s why malls died, in part, although those stores offered too much same same. Any more than you do I’m not willing to leap into my car and spend time and dime wandering all over creation to find cool stuff. I will, however, go to ONE or TWO where I know there is worthwhile gear or cool things. I also heartily agree with your point about clutter. If you’re a George Carlin fan you may recall his hilarious piece about “stuff.” As in, a house is just a big box with our “stuff” in it. I’ve spent the last eight years downsizing massively, and as a result, ended up with room for my gear and even a large boyfriend :-). Those are both used (gently and with great affection) and are one hell of a lot more useful than eight wardrobes of clothing and shoes and shit I never wear or use and have to clean. Those are fundamental changes not only as we get older but they are also representative of generational differences. Physical clutter is mentally unsettling. I think that the online choices- while I still love a fun store- allow us to avoid the inevitable compulsive purchases. That leads to clutter. Although there are plenty of folks who keep ebay and Amazon in business buying dumb shit which ends up being offered in their garage sales next spring. Overall, and again this is to your point, we are shifting as a society away from shopping as sport to making better time and dime choices. That to me is healthy. I still hope for, and will go to, the cool boutiques which provide offerings that make an outing fun. But like you, even though we are from different generations, the days of marathon shopping are done. And frankly, good riddance. I’d far rather go rafting or roll on the floor with either my BF or his bulldog or both than spend endless, mindless hours wandering from store to store with my fanny pack full of credit cards and my LED lit sneakers letting everyone know how cool I am (yes, that’s also from Carlin). Thanks for your comments.

Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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