Conny, if I had a nickel for every Medium writer who made a million overnight by lying about how they made a million overnight, I’d make a million overnight. Shit. There’s your success strategy right there.

Here’s the piece for me, for what it’s worth: I write pretty religiously every day ( well as long as I don’t have infected kidneys, which just sidelined me for a week). Joined in April 2018. It took me effing forever to get a following, I was up to a damned good income based heavily on my adventure travel. Well. We all know where that went. So I am back climbing out of the toilet ( yes, where I am sitting right now, did I mention infected kidneys?) Day by day. Since Covid-19 I have had to appeal to a completely different demographic. While I don’t make a living wage, I am about a third of the way back. Slow and growing. I don’t give those ludicrous articles the eyeballs, for that pays them for pap. I don’t have a “success strategy” if you will, but I do have a way of being on Medium. I care a lot about my readers, don’t tolerate trolls or Justice Warriors or angry fucks, and I actively reach out and make deeper friends including in person. Medium is much more to me than a place to make money. I’ve made it an extension of my life, with all the warts and fault s expected. Dr Mehmet Yildiz created the best place on Medium for us to succeed as writers. Illumination is my primary pub although I write for several. If we only write for money, or only consider eyeballs as income, we miss the point. For my part the only way I make a decent wage on this forum is by giving a damn about people.The more I make 'em laugh or think, the more they read my shit. Beyond that, all I can do is keep paddling.

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Horizon Huntress, prize-winning author, adventure traveler, boundary-pusher, wilder, veteran, aging vibrantly. I own my sh*t. Let’s play!

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