Classic, Adam. My partner is a code jockey, and a very good one. Your story echoes his experiences this past year with recruiting companies who specialize in contractors like him. They are woefully inept, focus on the money vs. the fit, and finagle and manipulate and argue and piss and moan, then delay paychecks as a way to try to force him to become a W-2. Clueless Recruiter often is managed by Mindless Boss, who often is a large part of the problem. Then, after my BF gets there, he finds out that his work ethic is twice the average, people “work from home” while napping, cleaning, picking up dog shit and doing laundry. BF is working from home right now and has been on his computer doing code since 6 am. For this he gets paychecks at least a week late if not more so. Don’t get me started. You are so on the money.

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