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Broken Promises, Broken Love: The Dissolution of a Happy Marriage

Julia E Hubbel
11 min readJun 22, 2018


“Their divorce will be final in August.”

Oh, ouch.

Two of my favorite people, one my best friend’s daughter, will be splitting their small family for good late this summer.

While it pains me greatly, it was coming for a while. This news just finalized what was inevitable.

Still my heart aches for two little boys who love their dad.

But who have been needlessly and repeatedly disappointed by him.

Chad and Marion met some ten years ago in a small Southeastern city. Chad was working on the next door neighbor’s house. Strong and handsome, a Marine veteran, he caught my best friend’s daughter’s eye somehow. She was a college grad, he’d finished high school. But something definitely clicked.

They fell in love. Part of that was because Chad worshipped Marion, adored her. Not without excellent reason. Marion’s smart and funny and athletic and determined and very pretty. To Chad, she was a princess. He treated her like one. Not long afterward, two boys joined the family to my friend’s delight.



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